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Salesforce Consulting

Value Proposition

Scale sales, customer support and marketing business processes

  • Sales, service and marketing cloud implementations through near zero business disruption
  • Sales / partner metrics data quality

Enterprise scale development and support

  • Certified architects, developers, consultants and admins
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Self-service and 24×7 support models

Business agility vs Cloud security

Our Customers

An organization that has implementation going or considering, unclear about their value / pricing, security concerns about, doesn’t have right implementation partner.

case study



Enterprise Scale Integrations




One of the largest eCommerce companies on the planet


Opportunity statement

Evaluate technologies to support business processes that acquire suppliers, support suppliers and help them grow. Specifically understand and design sales, service and marketing clouds to scale 5+ suppliers to over 5000 in a matter of 10+ months



  • Implemented knowledge management as a starting point and scaled the solution with services, sales and marketing could deployments
  • 15 releases in a matter of 10 months; Thousands of users; minimum customizations; 10+ enterprise scale integrations
  • KPI / Analytics driven supplier communications


One org for SVP level to down to individual Sales and Service rep to see the 5000+ suppliers’ performance

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