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Security and Compliance Engineering – Topeng

Value Proposition

Extensible: Enterprise Security across structured data and unstructured content

  • File systems (Collaboration)
  • Applications

Comprehensive Policy Management

  • End to end (Develop/Customize/Deploy/Self-learn and improvise)
  • Vertical (HIPAA, PII etc)
  • Horizontal (Location/Device etc.)

Centralized Dashboard: One place for CSO to view security policies effectiveness

Our Customers

A company using cloud applications, prone to data leaks, have the obligation comply with data security regulations, compliance is an requirement not an options, growing with the need of agility.

case study


One of the global leaders in networking and communications industry.

Opportunity statement

As our customer expands the portfolio of cable operators they support, several scale related architectural issues are taking shape.


Besides feature enhancements requested by the operators, we are helping the clients design the multi-tenancy for smaller operators, expanding support for various SSO standards and protocols adopted by service providers such as OAuth, SAML and OpenID and enabling some best practices related to token management (issue, refresh, revoke etc.)

In order to improve the user experience, the users logging into the service for the first time are automatically provisioned by the service based on the primary user signup. This feature adopted a different development model as in it was first prototyped and the flow and functionality are share with the customers to ensure the expectations are matched before a full-scale development efforts are invested.



Since we have developed a product in the space of secured access and information leak prevention, we are in a position to provide insight into the brokered authentication system implemented by the customer. Just as our product is designed to support user access to various cloud services operated on different platforms, while ensuring the business-critical data is protected, our customer is also facing the challenge of ensuring their client’s need for securing the information of their users via secured tokens which is a primary means to provision various internal and external services is managed through secured communication channels across domains.

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