Phalita | Security, Compliance Engineering and Services

Phalita specializes in security and compliance engineering and services.  Phalita offers a wide variety of services and products.


  • Services: we design and deliver end-to-end solutions
  • Product: that enable corporate security officers and accelerate cloud application adoption
  • Solutions: that increases effectiveness of content curation

our portfolio

Sales Force Consulting Practice

  Assessments – Discovery, analysis and outcomes
  Accounts, contracts and campaign Management
  Documents (Proposal & Workflows)
  Opportunity Management
  Reports & Dashboard

Security and Compliance Practice

  Role based and field level data access
  Enterprise security policies driven
  Dynamic field level access control for any Cloud Application
  Intuitive UI for setup and visualization of data safety
  UI driven policies and live dashboards

Phalita Image Fabric

  Content curation
  Thresholds are business driven
  Real time reports on the scanned content
  Policy and tolerance based decision making
  Maintain the quality of each image
  Self-learning framework

leadership team

Syam Kanduri
Founder and President
Prakash Upadhyaya
Kanchan Gopalasetty
VP Customer Success

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4701 Patrick Henry Drive
Building #22
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States



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